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RGL Hydraulic Thumb

We use only quality components to construct our hydraulic thumbs.

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The Thumb

Our hydraulic thumbs are built to last, constructed using only quality materials, bushes, rams and steel. We work closely with our clients, which allows us to improve our products based on the feedback we receive.

Without a thumb fitted, the operator is constantly pulling things closer to the machine in order to get them into the bucket. This inevitably results in the operator wasting precious time fishing for the object, or the object coming in contact with the tracks, or even the cab, which puts the machine in danger of damage, and could even put the driver at risk.

Once the object finally does go in the bucket and is lifted out of the way, it often fails to stay in the bucket and falls out, which can potentially harm others.

Our thumb ensures a very simple and quick operation to grab the object you need moving, whether it’s a stump, rock, lump of concrete, or log. Simply pick it up like a hand and place it exactly where you want it to go, saving you time, money and making your job safer and a lot less frustrating!

An added bonus of a thumb is that the sites you are working tend to be left tidier; thanks to the fact you can move and place the obstacles that are in your way instead of just pushing them to the side.

We have also found that using our thumbs when constructing river defenses and landscaping terraces with armour rock is a far easier process. You can lift, adjust and position the large rock with ease, without the risk of it falling out the bucket or the usual struggle of getting them in the bucket in the first place.

RGL Hydraulic Thumb. Tested to Destruction. Built to Last






We only use quality components to construct our thumbs. Our hydraulic rams have been through extensive testing to ensure their longevity and the build quality in the tough environments where our thumbs will operate, whilst our wear part bushes are bought in from a highly reputable company that ensures quality is paramount.

The shape and profile of the RGL hydraulic thumb has been developed from customer feedback for optimum travel, grip and performance. We have developed an optimum shape and profile design of the pivot points relating to the hydraulic ram travel, and we can modify the tooth section if you have a specific shape in mind. These can be made to fit a particular attachment or bucket, with the added benefit that your specific shape will be stored for future orders.

Our steel parts are CNC cut to ensure consistency throughout our product line, and we keep an extensive stock of parts ready for immediate dispatch if required.

The following is included with a RGL Hydraulic Thumb:

  • RGL super heavy duty thumb
  • Constructed using 30mm thick plate
  • Weld on dipper mounting plate for ram
  • All pins for thumb and ram
  • Quality hydraulic ram
  • Metal pipework, pipe clamp and orings
  • All bolts for pins, pipes and clamps

What’s Included

Costings and Fittings


The Thumb Costs

As each of our thumbs are custom built to you and your machine specifications, thumbs vary in price. Specifics such as dimensions, pin sizes, delivery and your company colours can all change the price.

If you are interested we would love to hear from you and can discuss your project.

Please note that thumbs are made to order as per your dimensions, so please allow 7-10 working days prior to delivery. (Delivery times may vary depending on your location).

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As all thumbs are made to your supplied measurements, we build in a small tolerance and supply a selection of shims from 1mm to 3mm in order for you to get the best fit and eliminate any risk of slack. Once your order is ready for dispatch, we will attach a fitting guide to aid you when mounting the weld-on dipper mount to ensure maximum travel of your thumb when in operation, and eliminate any chance of a part strike.

We also offer fitting services in our workshop and an on site fitting service (Within a set radius).

Spare Parts

We sell all the parts you would need to make your life easier:

  • Different sized pins and bushes
  • Machine Brackets for welding on
  • Any custom elements required.

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"I wouldn't operate a machine now without this thumb. The build quality is far superior to any previous thumbs I have used. I had specific requirements for the design of our thumb that RGL adapted to suit and I would happily order another for any future machines."

Martin Middleton, Machine operator/ Manager, Marbert Ltd
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