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Welcome to RGL Engineering.

Originally an agricultural contracting company servicing the needs of farmers in the area, RGL Engineering now supplies a wide range of engineering solutions to a broad range of forestry based contracting including services such as mounding, forest ride vegetation clearance and forest road construction.

We have always modified our own machines to suit the work and environments that we were working in and we have built a range of new attachments in order to get the jobs done more efficiently.

We have always modified our own plant to do the job we need it to do – the advantage of doing it for yourself is that you get to test it to destruction. We build things to last because nobody wants to be constantly repairing a substandard product.

We are always striving to improve our products to provide a hassle-free product to our end users.

About RGL


"RGL thumbs make my job easier, less frustrating and safer. I can place things exactly where I want them instead of just pushing debris to the side with the bucket. It makes the overall job tidier and I am definitely covering the ground quicker. The design and build quality means it will outlast this machine and I can transfer it to future machines with ease"

Robert Middleton, Machine Operator/ Manager, Marbert Ltd

RGL Hydraulic Thumb

A machine fitted with our thumb makes it a quick and simple operation to grab the object you need moving – be it a stump, rock, lump of concrete, or log – and simply pick it up like a hand to place it exactly where you want it to go. It can save you time and money and make your job safer and a lot less frustrating! 

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